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On the beach

Living In the Waters: The Beach Life

Being a terrestrial creature, we are prone to living on the land. However, for a good majority of us, spending whole life on a piece of dry land sound boring like anything. Living on land is a matter of chance whereas, taking a dive into waters is a matter of pure choice. To kill the monotony of our daily life and to take the break from routine chores, we can always plunge into waters and enjoy ourselves for a while. After all, having a good time on the beach sunbathing and diving won’t hurt anyone.

Here are a few good things about living in the waters and experiencing Beach Life:

1- Longer Life

A good number of researchers suggest that vacation-induced relaxation helps people live longer and healthier lives. Life at beaches is healthier for it keeps your muscles busy while swimming and your cells activated while sunbathing. Psychological researchers point out the mental health benefits of staying at beaches. Since beach-going is a kind of hobby for a good lot of beach goers, spending time on beaches help their brains release and regulate the happy hormones. When we are relaxing in a soothing environment of beaches, our brain releases the chemicals like dopamine and serotonin in excess, which help us staying happy for longer.

2- Break from Workload

Spending time on beaches means, you are far away from your workplace and do not have a pile of unchecked files stacked in front of you to be taken note of. The absence of workload means you are not bound to be clung to your office chair and table and are free to move around and explore the vastness of the beaches. “No Work, All Fun” is the order of the day when you are at a beach. Staying there for a good period of time can help you gather the energy and revitalize yourself for getting back to work.

3- Romantic Vibes

Most of the beach visitors love taking their loved ones along with them while heading to a beach. Newly-weds prefer to go to beaches for celebrating their nuptials because beaches are famous for having a romantic aura around them radiating love vibes and making lovers get drenched in love with each other. 46% of honeymooners are recorded to have visited the beach, at least for once, in their early honeymoon period. Therefore, we can deduce that beaches are a natural resource for spreading love and joy.

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